Small Spaces—Big Impact

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Every home has the potential for great impact

Every home, no matter what the size or budget, has the potential for great impact. An entryway, a reading nook or even a guest bathroom can become the center of attention in your home.

Your decorating goal

Your decorating goal should be choosing textures, colors and accessories that not only reflect your style but give guests a glimpse into your personality. Inviting a guest into your home is inviting them into your soul.

Focus your attention

When confronted with the task of decorating your home, try not to take on the entire house at once. Set the bones-a neutral paint color, beautiful flooring and then pick one spot to focus your attention until you are charmed with the look.

This small table next to the bath is perfectly arranged with things things that make you happy and content.

Your home is your “happy place”

Remember, your home is your “happy place”. It is not a magazine cover or a box store display. Take inspiration from those sources and create your own great impact.

 Happy decorating…Angela

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