Welcome to the Backroads: a place, an experience, and a way of life.

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Hi. My name is Angela, co owner of Backroad Atlas, a shopping experience tucked away in the north eastern corner of Kansas in the small historic town of Atchison. Today I invite you on a journey of the soul to find great design in everyday life.

Everyday should be a holiday for your senses. Small celebrations for the eyes, a fragrant tease for the nose and a soft comfy chair to fall into at the end of the day.

Your home, your work space and your life should offer moments of solace, eye candy that provides a sugar high for the brain and a bridge from everyday humdrum to wow, I can’t wait to to wrap myself up in that.

Our store, Backroad Atlas is an explosion of creativity for your home or office. Together with my partner Caroline, we take vintage dated pieces and give them new life, new finishes and new uses. Our custom designs are what we love to share with our clients Solving a design problem with an unexpected solution is a natural high.

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